17 Malware-Infested Apps You Need to Delete ASAP


It’s called Trojan malware for an explanation: Just like the Ancient Greek story where warriors snuck through the gate of Troy by stowing away inside a wooden horse, some malware Infested apps can sneak into your smartphone through apparently harmless applications and programs that you’ve willfully installed.

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As indicated by threat researchers at the software-as-a-service smartphone security firm Wandera, there are 17 applications as of now recorded on Apple’s App Store that contains these Trojans. In particular, they’ve classified “clicker Trojan malware” and they speak with an order and control server to simulate users’ connections so the makers can gather advertisement revenue.

Malware-Infested Apps you need to delete right now

This malware is called adware because it makes it would seem that you’ve seen a commercial.

That is an issue for big business level firms since advertisers might be ripped off or the assailant might be focusing on a competitor organization to misleadingly swell its advertising budget.

Is this a problem for you, then? All things considered, the Trojan can finish tasks out of sight, as ceaselessly opening and closing site pages or clicking links without your consent. The specialists discovered one situation where a user had been falsely subscribed to expensive online service after he installs one of the applications.

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Here: The list Malware-Infested Apps

Malware Infested Apps listed from all over the world.

  • Smart Video Compressor
  • Islamic World PRO – Qibla
  • Video Editor – Mute Video
  • BMI Calculator PRO – BMR Calc
  • Dual Accounts Pro
  • Restaurant Finder – Find Food
  • Ramadan Times 2019 Pro
  • Easy Contacts Backup Manage
  • Around Me Place Finder
  • My Train Info – IRCTC & PNR (not listed under developer profile)
  • FM Radio PRO – Internet Radio
  • Daily Fitness – Yoga Poses
  • CrickOne – Live Cricket Scores
  • Smart GPS Speedometer
  • File Manager – Documents
  • EMI Calculator & Loan Planner
  • RTO Vehicle Information

The applications are recorded from various nations, yet they all lead back to a similar designer: AppAspect Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in India.

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