Can Snoring Be Termed As A Complicated Health Issue?


Almost 40% of the US population snores in their sleep and this issue is serious for men and is constantly increasing day by day, a health issue.

Women tend to hate men who snore during their sleep and henceforth, you are always shoved down or kicked by a woman during your sleep!

Due to the fact that snoring is incurred as a good sign of a deep sleep, it can be a really big health issue and can be complicated.

Can the sound of snoring reveal an illness, health issue

“Snoring really does not demonstrate anything good, ” says Erich Voigt an ear, nose, and throat doctor and sleep specialist at New York University Langone Health. “You can have a beautifully deep sleep in silent sleep.”

Snoring is not often appreciated but still cannot be deemed good, it is often disturbing to partners during their good night’s sleep and is a major health issue or can rise further complications if left untreated.

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During our sleep, the nostrils and our trachea are free and not filled with mucous, hence the air passage perforates without any barrier and is healthy for a person but when someone snores. I

t means that a blockage or a barrier is stopping you from inhaling sufficient air into your air passage and hence, the person might snore uncontrollably.

“Snoring is basically a vibration of the tissues inside of the airway,” Voigt explains — that is, the roof of the mouth and the vertical folds of tissue that surround the tonsils.

Which cause the free passage of air into the lungs and provides sufficient oxygen to the person, often are constricted due to several issues and may cause snoring which can further give rise to severe complications and is also a withdrawal symptom of other respiratory issues.

This pattern of snoring can be a sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnea which is a serious condition that can increase the risk of heart disease. What happens to people with this condition is that the airway will collapse in on itself and close. “And as the person is trying to breathe in, the air will not pass. That’s what the apnea is,” Voigt explains.


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