Captain America returns: Chris Evans reveals if he will ever play the role


Captain America returns: Chris Evans’ as Captain America in Marvel films finished with its last film ‘Avengers: Endgame’, yet the entertainer in an ongoing meeting uncovered that he may play the notable character again as he accepts ‘you never state never’.

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Will Captain America returns in MCU

In a meeting with Variety’s show ‘Actor on Actor’, Evans, joined by Scarlett Johansson, answered some precarious inquiries. When questioned as to whether he would return to Marvel and get the shield again, Evans stated, after staying away from the question ordinarily, “You know, you never state never”.

“I love the character. It is anything but a hard no however it is anything but an anxious yes either. There are different things I’m working at this moment”.

He likewise said that he is defensive of the job and didn’t need it to be ‘acrid’. He included, “I think Cap had such a dubious circular segment to stick the arrival and I figure they made a pleasant showing giving him a chance to finish his journey.

In case you’re going to return to it, it can’t be a money snatch, it can’t be because crowds would be excited. A ton of things would need to meet up. It doesn’t feel right now like that would be what I’m hoping to do”.

Then again, Johansson additionally kidded that she, Evans and their Avengers’ co-stars expected to get away considering the success of their establishment. “We’ve been attempting to sort out this Avengers get-away,” Evans stated, including, “We deserve a little triumph lap”.

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