China launches its longest extra-high voltage power line –Xinhua


BEIJING, July 3 (Liberal Tribune) – China’s has introduced its greatest extra-high voltage (EHV) power line Xinhua. Linking the eastern province of Anhui and the far western area of Xinjiang, state-backed Xinhua News published on Tuesday.

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The scheme plans to help meet rising power requirement in industrialized eastern regions and decrease the quantity of misused electricity in the west.

As a division of Beijing’s anti-pollution operation, new coal-fired power services have been excluded in the smog-prone east of the state.

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The 3,324-km (2,065-mile) broadcast line, with the current of 1,100 Kilovolt (kV), is planned to transmit 66 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of power a year, high voltage power line Xinhua informed.

Most of the power transmitted through the line will come from the Zhundong coal-fired voltage plant in northern Xinjiang, which has invested power generation ability of 28 gigawatts (GW).

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China has been encouraging cross-region extra-high voltage power line Xinhua, mainly EHV developments as they have superior transmission ability and smaller line losses related to normal lines, power line Xinhua updates.

As State Grid Corporation of China says, the country had 18 EHV lines with total transmission extent of 27,570 km by the end of June.

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The National Energy Administration previous September agreed 12 EHV transmission schemes, planning to bring electricity produced by renewable power plants in western China to the central and east areas.

At the end of 2018, China had cross-region power transmission ability of 136 GW, As from data China Electricity Council, power line Xinhua news.

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