‘Condom Challenge’ Doctors warning people not to take part in


Condom Challenge; Liberal Tribune: There’s another peculiar potentially deadly craze clearing the Internet and this one may even be more absurd than the scandalous Tide Pod challenge.

The condom challenge sees idiots individuals snorting condoms through their noses at that point hauling out of their mouths. Why? I don’t have the foggiest idea. Be that as it may, breathing in elastic is never a shrewd thought and specialists are warning people about the potential risks.

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Stephen Enriquez, a state instruction pro, told KABB: “Nowadays our youngsters are thoroughly taking care of subscribers, likes and views.

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“As realistic as it may be, we need to show parents since adolescents are going online searching for challenges and reproducing them.”

This looks crazy and is truly gross, and now health experts are warning people that participating in the ‘condom challenge’ causes a serious choking risk, as it could get captured and block an individual’s airway leaving them unfit to relax.

Just as that, the lubricant that covers the condom can bother and might set off an unfavorably allergic reaction.

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Bruce Y Lee, a related educator at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, wrote in an article for Forbes: “Regardless of whether you figure out how to effectively haul the condom out through your mouth, breathing in a condom up your nose would be potentially quite painful and very uncomfortable.

“Would it merit such just to get more likes and subscribers?”

He additionally subtleties an instance of a lady who incidentally swallowed a condom during oral sex and wound up with an infected appendix because a fragment of it in one way or another becomes stuck in her appendix.

Doctor Dr. Joe Kosterich included: “Although it is exceptionally not going to be lethal it could trigger a hacking fit in a few.”

He added that if it somehow happened to stall out, it would make for an entirely humiliating trip to A&E

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People’s snorting condoms on YouTube is, unfortunately, the same old thing with certain recordings dating a couple of years, be that as it may, it’s picking up fame once more.


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