Deadpool and the X-Men might become Avengers according to MCU President


Even though Disney currently possesses the rights to X-Men and the Deadpool, there is still a lot of inquiries surrounding their introduction to the MCU. It makes well for Marvel to proceed with the achievement of Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool and inevitably reboot the X-Men franchise, yet precisely what that resembles stays a puzzle.

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While fans keep on hypothesizing about the destiny of Deadpool and the X-Men, MCU president Kevin Feige recently affirmed that the two franchises may join the Avengers eventually.

Disney purchases Deadpool and X-Men

Disney’s ongoing acquisition of Fox gave the system access to certain franchises that have been kept out of the MCU. Most remarkably, this incorporates Deadpool and X-Men, the previous of which has encountered accomplishment on the huge screens.

Reynolds has turned out with two solo Deadpool motion pictures, the two of which were exceptionally fruitful in the movies. Given the franchise’s popularity, it would be a tremendous error to push ahead without its lead on-screen character.

X-Men, then again, has delivered a few distinct flops as of late. MCU has not uncovered any designs for the franchise, however, a lot of fans are expecting a full reboot.

MCU has been tight-lipped about its arrangements for X-Men and Deadpool, however, the studio’s leader simply affirmed some significant news about their future in the MCU.

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Feige dishes on Deadpool and X-Men in MCU as Avengers

In an ongoing meeting, Feige was gotten some information about the odds of X-Men and Deadpool showing up in MCU’s as future Avengers motion pictures. As per HN Entertainment, Feige uncovered that there is a decent possibility the two franchises will join the Avengers sooner or later.

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“Is there any motivation to accept they would not be coordinated with the Avengers and these characters also sooner or later?” Feige was inquired.

“No. No motivation to accept that,” he reacted.

There are a lot of Avengers storylines that have highlighted X-Men characters throughout the years. This incorporates Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), however, she was not presented as a mutant in the MCU.

As fans will review, Scarlet Witch picked up her forces through one of the Infinity Wars in The Avengers. In the comics, she is presented as a mutant, a storyline Marvel could embrace pushing ahead.

Other X-Men that joined the Avengers incorporate Dr. Hank McCoy, Rogue, Cable, and Storm. Link (Josh Brolin) was at that point presented in Deadpool 2, however despite everything we don’t have the foggiest idea whether Brolin will repeat the job since the establishment is heavily influenced by Disney.

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