Economist Emily Oster Discloses Various Myths And False Accusations About Parenting


In her new book, the Economist Emily Oster and human analyst debunks several truths and falsifies the myths regarding parenthood.

Having bestowed with the title of a parent and being a parent of acute and a chubby baby boy or a girl is indeed a fascinating experience and an interesting job.

However, it requires a lot of hard work too and requires you to be very active regarding the activities of your child as well as to perform the duties which were made compulsory for you the day you became a parent.

Economist Emily Oster

Emily Oster, a professor of economics at Brown University, found herself totally surprised and embezzled by the time when she had her first child. “It’s hard to be thoughtful about any one of [the choices],” she said because there’s always another urgent parenting question waiting to be answered.

So due to her expertise in the field and a subject of interest, Oster wrote a complete guide about parenting and the decisions regarding parenting or birth with respect of the ease of the parents so they can be properly guided about parenting and pregnancy, Expecting Better” was her complete book which consisted of instructions regarding parenting or pregnancy.

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Oster laid her proper emphasis on the misconceptions that prevail in either the society or the common man, The myths that were accounted were that the co-sleeping is a harmful element to your child.

Working moms can be a cause of psychological damage and being blessed with children won’t hunt down your marriage.

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Oster completely studied the elements and found no links between the prescribed factors and roles. In contrast, she found that co-sleeping can be for the greater good and can increase the sleep cycle of your child.

She also found that a working mom cannot be a harm to children but rather can be a good example as well as a hardworking instant to her child and at last, she cleared the fact that children are a blessing from God and will surely increase the marital love between parents.   


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