Google Pixel 4: will it finally challenge the iPhone and Samsung?


Google is releasing the Pixel 4 today — in any event, it’s starting it more authoritatively than the secrets it coyly tweeted before leaks discouraged its. We know precisely what’s on the phone.

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We know about everything except for perhaps exactly how great the cameras are. Be that as it may, there is one thing we don’t have a clue, and it’s the thing we have been asking since the absolute first Pixel hardware.

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Is Google genuine about selling equipment now for sure?

It’s an enduring inquiry, one I know the Google equipment division group is becoming somewhat sick of hearing. This is Google fifth Pixel smartphone – Pixel 4, all things considered, checking the Pixel 3A.

Google gained a chunk of HTC to make phones. It got T-Mobile, Sprint, and (apparently) AT&T ready for this release so it could have an across the nation US release on each significant carrier rather than only solely on Verizon

You can rundown out the majority of the reasons that Google ought to be finished supporting its equipment effects or expecting to persuade us it’s in this for the whole deal. In any case, for each point you’d make, there’s an incredible and regularly all the more convincing counterargument.

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The greatest contradiction is that Google simply hasn’t sold a huge amount of Pixel smartphones. This is secretive to me to some extent because the recipe for selling a ton of Android phones isn’t strange in any way, particularly in case you’re willing to write off your equipment business: showcase the everloving hell out of them.

That is the thing that Samsung did. It made garish commercials, some of which were profoundly created Super Bowl advertisements. It paid to have Ellen DeGeneres use its phone to take a selfie at the Oscars. Five or six years back, the Galaxy didn’t turn into the accepted enemy of iPhone because it was the absolute best Android smartphone — it was not — but since it was the most obvious Android smartphone.

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Google has a lot of Pixel advertisements, yet it hasn’t occupied with an all-out costly, multiyear media blitz.


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