Google releases six exciting Android wellbeing Apps


Google has quite recently released six exciting apps for Android clients, all of which manage digital well-being. These apps include a paper phone, desert island, morph, post box, we flip, and unlock clock.

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Google new android apps

1. UNLOCK CLOCK, Top Google Android Apps

This is a live wallpaper that checks the occasions you have opened your smartphone. Basically it tells you how many times you unlock your phone per day. “Unlock Clock causes you to consider your technical usage by tallying how regularly you unlock your phone in a day. Simply download the wallpaper and begin.”


I discover the post box fairly all the more exciting, which restricts the delivery of the new notification. It’s about time-based delivery. So new notifications are never again live through push, yet like the virtual mailman that just at fixed occasions: “Simply pick how frequently your notification ought to be delivered. At the point when they show up, they will be properly organized for you. ”


Together, people can take more distance from innovation when they flip: “With We Flip, as a gathering, you can disconnect from technology to get to know one another. Simply trust that everybody will sign in, and afterward hit the button to begin the session. On the off chance that somebody in the gathering opens it, the session closures and you can see how you did it.”

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4. DESERT ISLAND, best Google Android Apps

This app is very fascinating. It limits the use of your cell phone to essential applications. Possibly it’s fascinating for quite a long time off or weekend: “Simply pick the app that issue most to you and turn it off for 24 hours.”


Here, clients decide ahead of time which app they need to use at specific occasions or in specific spots. Depending upon area and time, just a certain app is offered for use.


Not all that valuable still funny, as I would like to think. You print out a couple of things that you would otherwise do with your cell phone to put them on paper.

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Here is the link to download these Google android apps from Play Store and APKMirror.

Google Play Store



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