Huawei CEO is captured with an IPAD at the airport


At the airport security check Ren Zhengfei, Huawei CEO was carrying an iPad with his hand baggage.

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There is an image that is making a huge number of shares in China. This is Ren Zhengfei, The CEO of Huawei, shot at the airport holding a tablet gadget of a competitor company. Think about what we’re discussing? it’s the Apple iPad.

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Huawei CEO with iPad

The picture of Huawei’s CEO during airport security checks is spreading in these hours via social media. While the officer reviews his hand baggage. The attendant finds out that Huawei CEO has an iPad in his hand luggage.

The picture of Huawei CEO with an iPad. During airport security checks and he is carrying Apple product; an iPad with him. Discussing this situation to Chinese media he said Apple is his teacher I am a student and why I go against my teacher.

Then again, this isn’t amazing. Ren has recently conceded his love for Apple. Furthermore, Huawei’s CFO, Ren’s little girl Meng Wanzhou, was carrying an iPad Pro, iPhone 7 and MacBook Air when she was captured in Canada.

“My kids prefer Apple items over Huawei’s. Does it imply that they don’t love Huawei? “ the CEO said to Chinese media in May. “Huawei items are ultimately commodities. Normally people use them if they like them.”

He further clarified, “iPhone has a decent biological system and when my family is abroad, despite everything I get them iPhones, so one can’t think the affection for Huawei should mean adoring Huawei smartphones.”

Reacting to rising nationalist sentiment and calls to boycott Apple items in China after the US boycotted Huawei from purchasing American technology, Ren said he would restrict any plan to boycott Apple items in China. He likewise called Apple his teacher.


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