India to ease mobile phone shutdown in occupied Kashmir


India to ease mobile phone shutdown in Kashmir

SRINAGAR, KASHMIR: Indian government representative Rohit Kansal said the choice had been taken after a survey of occasions in the restive Himalayan region.

Mobile phone shutdown in Indian Occupied Kashmir:

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“All post-paid cell phones independent of the telecom service provider will stand reestablished and be useful from early afternoon on Monday,” he told a public interview.


Choose between the Indian market and justice for Kashmiris, PM Khan tells the world.

US court asks Modi to explain Kashmir annexation.

He included that the measure would apply to Indian Occupied Kashmir. (IOK)

In the two months since India rejected Article 370 which conceded special autonomy to IOK, the Modi government has been broadly rebuked for forcing total data and correspondences power outage in the Kashmir.

While Indian media demands the circumstance in the occupied Kashmir is ‘normal’, worldwide media and other platforms have detailed grave human rights violations, including captures and upheld vanishings of ‘political leaders and children’.

They have additionally uncovered the underreporting of murders of Kashmiris peoples by the hands’ of Indian forces.

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Prior this month, US Senator Chris Van Hollen was denied authorization to visit the involved area. “If the Indian government has nothing to cover up, they ought not to worry over people visiting Kashmir and seeing the circumstance with their very own eyes,” accentuated the representative.

Van Hollen is one of almost 50 people from a bipartisan gathering of the US senators, who have encouraged President Donald Trump to promptly intercede and influence Modi to lift the curfew and communication blockade in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Presidential competitors Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris have likewise highlighted human crises in Kashmir, while the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has additionally requested that New Delhi lift the curfew and release children and politicians.

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