Trump has discussed Iran nuclear standoff with Macron


WASHINGTON (Liberal Tribune): US President Donald Trump talk over the standoff on Iran nuclear program with his French colleague Emmanuel Macron on Monday, the White House said.

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Donald Trump Discussion with Macron:

The two bests “chatted ongoing struggles to confirm that Iran does not attain a nuclear defense system and to end Iran´s disrupting performance in the Middle East,” the White House said in a report.

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Iran on Monday opened a uranium enrichment cap set by a 2015 nuclear contract that the Trump management abandoned previous year.

Washington has forced punishing sanctions on Tehran, and worries between the two sides have increased more amid Iran´s overpowering of an American drone and assaults on tanker ships the US has responsible on the Islamic republic.

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Iran — which also approved a 300-kilogram edge on enriched uranium funds this month — says it is not disrupting the agreement, citing terms of the deal letting one side to temporarily abandon certain pledges if it deems the other side is not regarding its part of the accord.

Trouble for Iran:

The real losses in the ongoing battle are the peoples of Iran and the country’s decreasing economy. And the actual champs in Tehran and Washington are the hardliners.

By now the US should see that its strategy of ratcheting up burden or even the Trump-style intimidation is not serving. Both sides require to absorb and find a diplomatic answers to reduce the situation without any conditions.

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