McDonald’s To Cancel Its After 12 Pm Food Menu Soon


Your most craved late night snacks are soon to be disappeared from the menu of McDonald’s as the Gigantic snack maker reportedly says to cancel its late night offers, which are available from 12 pm to 5 pm.

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Making its offer from 30th April, the restaurant chain is said to drag down the snacks which it offered after midnight, across the whole nation.

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The snack maker’s most served items, including the Gigantic BigMac, and fries would still be ready to be served due to their popularity and customer demand.

“We always try to provide all time services to our customers irrespective of the time and make sure that they are being served the right way all along so we make sure that they are served at any time of the day including night,” The company said in a welcoming manner.

The statement further included that “Whatever is served at the night time, we make sure that the customers are being benefited with the best of what we can offer.”
Consequently, if you crave for some chicken dinner and some exotic fish.

You may need to head towards the restaurant chain before 12 Pm and make sure your taste buds are satisfied before the time runs out Most delicious dishes which include the grilled sandwiches.

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Buttermilk crispy chicken sandwiches and Filet o’ Fish is not available after midnight. Some exotic and tasty salads would also not be available after midnight.

However, The Company said that these would still be present before midnight and you won’t long for these recipes if you miss out, they will be ready to be served past midnight.

What will be available after 12?

The Midnight menu will include the already popular dishes like:

• Big Mac and Quarter Pounder burgers.

• Chicken McNuggets.

• All day breakfast.

• Happy Meals.

• McCafe’ and Beverages.


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