Medicalising everyday life doesn’t help anyone’s mental health


Mental Health (Liberal Tribune): Not all suffering is a mental illness issue. Imagining it is increases untrue expectations and puts pressure on an already stressed NHS.

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Musicalizing each day life doesn’t help mental health

I have a rising sense of nervousness about the Americanisation of British civilization’s attitude in the direction of mental health. In the 1980s, British listeners grinned bemusedly at neurosis laden Woody Allen movie and the regularity with which American TV and cinema preserved notions of meds, therapy, and interferences.

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To a British ear, the characters of these human tragedies could seem self-regarding, silly and self-absorbed; the facts of fun to be pitied for their incapability to uphold a stiff upper lip and their unfamiliarity of the influence of a strong cup of tea. However now these are all the ideas that have been regularized in Britain too.

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Mental health is chatted about using the language of spates and has been commoditized into roughly to be well-ordered above the counter: a side of talking therapy, specialists and pills.

The measure of the issue has been super sized – overstated by spreading the influence of health care well outside those with the thoughtful, diagnosable psychiatric disease to contain the anxious well.

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Kind of Stuff that is improve seen as a part of usual human life – the consequences of choices we have made, our private bereavements, unfairness’s faults, disappointments, losses, human weakness – are pathologies’, and these involvements then conceptualized as disorders to which there are no acceptable treatments.


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