UN-WOMEN reveals Lionel messi net worth more than 1,693 top female footballers


Liberal Tribune Sports: Lionel Messi net worth has been used as an example by the UN Women. In their group to bring deduct and equality the wage space among men and women in the world of sport.

Lionel Messi net worth more than 1,693 top female footballers:

According to the establishment, the Lionel Messi net worth was the center of notice for his $84 million per year income from his payment. Bonuses, commercial contract, and other payments which find out to be nearly double.

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The combined yearly wage ($42.6m) of the 1,693 female footballers in the top seven leagues.

“One guy soccer player makes nearly double the combined earnings of all players in the top seven female’s soccer leagues,” the United Nation post read.

“Throughout the Women’s World Cup 2019, join UN-Women in demanding equivalent salary for women in sport.”

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Similarly in wage rate has been the gossip of the town for the duration of the Women’s World Cup. As over 28 US women’s national players are concerned in proceedings with the US Soccer over salary problems.

The face of the United State national team, Megan Rapinoe, and her teammates Alex Morgan, Becky Sauerbunn and Carli Llyod. They have all lifted up their worries over pay discrimination against women footballers.

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