PTI govt rejects the report of Saudi crown prince snubbing Imran


PTI govt rejects the report of the weekly magazine.

ISLAMABAD: The PTI’s govt has rejected as ‘utter fabrication’ a report printed in a weekly magazine, which guaranteed that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman was unhappy with Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan and called back to his jet from Canada to New York.

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The article reported that the Salman was so estranged by certain elements of the Pakistani premier’s diplomacy at UN General Assembly that he ‘snubbed Imran by requesting his jet to eviscerate the Pakistani designation’.

PTI govt rejects the report of the weekly magazine.

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“It is false and conveys no true fact at all,” PTI’s spokesperson said in an announcement gave here on Sunday, including the report likewise conveyed “baseless self-made hypothesis concerning the head’s gatherings with the politicians of Turkey and Malaysia in New York”.

The magazine, in one of its publication pieces this week, was very reproachful of PM Imran’s New York trip, which it guaranteed likewise had ‘some unintended results’.

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In the present statement, the government representative explained that Islamabad and Riyadh delighted in ‘most sincere and caring relations’. “Just people with personal stakes would think of such prepared and unmerited affirmations,” he included.

Bringing opposition leaders into the condition, the spokesperson said that “desperation of the resistance is obvious by their endeavor to undermine caring relations appreciated by the two Islamic nations.”

He additionally said the article likewise attempted to undermine “the prime minister’s massive successful communication with the world leaders in New York, essentially concentrating on raising the Kashmiris in the Indian involved region and his perspectives on Islamophobia which were acclaimed worldwide and won hearts in the Muslim world”.

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The representative lamented that “the article was planned for subverting Pakistan’s center national enthusiasm of thoughtful relations between the two nations for frivolous political additions”.


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