Saudi- Arabia Publically Executes As Much As 37 Persons Within 24 Hours


Saudi Arabia executes 37 in connection with terrorism, Saudi-Arabia is an utterly Islamic state with strict shariah law and extreme cautions in every regard of life. Islam, the most peaceful religion which is misunderstood for being a terrorist religion has originated from this sacred and barren land.

Henceforth, many laws regulate in the country which provides full security to the citizens and guarantees public execution if the violation of these rights is made.

Saudi Arabia executes 37 in connection with terrorism

Saudi Arabia executes 37 men within a brief time and no cessation, almost all of them belonged from the country’s minority Shiite community, on terrorism-related crimes, the kingdom’s official news agency announced Tuesday.

The killings, which were carried out in multiple cities, including Riyadh, Mecca, and Medina are thought to amount to the largest mass execution of Shiites in the Sunni-majority country’s history.

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The majority of those executed, according to Amnesty International, was “convicted after sham trials that violated international fair trial standards which relied on confessions extracted through torture.”

“The individuals were convicted of bombing the security installations with explosives, killing a number of security officers and cooperating with enemy organizations against the interests of the country, the Interior Ministry said, according to the Associated Press.

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“Executions are traditionally carried out after midday prayers. Public displays of the bodies of executed men last for around three hours until late afternoon prayers, with the severed head and body hoisted to the top of a pole overlooking the main square.”

Public execution paves a way for the people who want to leave the life of mistrust and crimes and proves a lesson for everyone who ever wants to commit a crime and allow the people to think and abstain from it.

In addition to these cruel and vile executions, people who have committed severe and more sinister crimes or illegal activities are crucified on the crucifix after their public execution.

There has been a magnificent increment in the public executions, since this year, 104 people have been executed publically to pay off the crimes they did in their full consciousness and also pave a lesson for persons who are planning to do so, the same unethical and inhuman acts.


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