Russia says submersible fire tragedy is ‘state secret’


Moscow (Liberal Tribune): The Kremlin has brushed apart inquiries about Russian submarine accident, a fire on a deep-water submersible that left 14 Russian sailors dead, telling newspapers Wednesday that key details about the incident were a “state secret.”

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New Details on Russian Submarine accident:

State news agencies informed Tuesday that submariners passed away from smoke inhalation after a fire broke out on the vehicle, which was shipping out research in Russian defensive waters.

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The fire was later snuffed out and the submersible, which is minor than a submarine and has minimum energy reserves, is currently at the naval base in Severomorsk on the Barents Sea.

In answer to a question on which ship or station was concerned, Kremlin officer Dmitry Peskov said Russian President Vladimir Putin knew facts but that they would not be announced.

“The Commander in Chief has all the detail but this information cannot just be distributed openly. This is off the record as classified information,” Peskov said on his usual discussion call with reporters.

Russia blamed of hiding over the lethal submarine fire:

He gave a one-word react when asked if he had any plans to reveal Russian submarine accident: “No.”

“Listen, there is information that is off the record as a state secret. It’s a state secret in the welfare of the state, the interests of the state safety. This is normal doing when such details are not revealed,” he said.

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“There is nothing unlawful about it; this is all done in full observance with the law on state secrets. So there is no cause for these doubts. But have no hesitation that the Commander in Chief has all the details,” Peskov added.


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