New high-tech smart glasses track eyes to automatically focus on what wearer sees


Tech News (Liberal Time): Taking expertise to the next stage, scientists have jointed eye-tracking skill with depth-sensing in sort to create a new type of high-tech smart glasses that will mechanically focus it on what the man sees.

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A group from Stanford University has progressed a pair of high-tech smart glasses known as ‘autofocus’ that contain fluid-filled lenses, eye-tracking, and depth-sensing cameras technology to make sure that the object the wearer is observing stays in focus and sharp.

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The smart glasses are basically made for people experiencing from presbyopia – a common form of age-induced vision were lenses in the eyes begin to become inflexible, hence creating difficulty to focus on close-up objects –, and to solve problems connected to progressive lenses, described New Atlas.

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The liquid filled in the lenses of these new prototype specs responds to an electric current and becomes thicker and thinner to alter the intensity of the focus as needed. Along with smart glasses and those lenses, there is also an eye-tracking technique that sees where the wearer is seeing.

Then, the depth-sensing camera calculates how far away the object is and repeatedly adjusts the focus as a result.

“More than a billion populace have presbyopia and we’ve produced a pair of autofocus lenses that might one day accurate their vision far more successfully than traditional glasses,” said Gordon Wetzstein, co-author of the study printed in Science Advances.

The smart glasses were tested on 56 people going through presbyopia. The volunteers finished that the new smart glasses made it easier and quicker to look and read and perform other tasks as related to the standard progressive lenses.

“This technology could change billions of people’s lives in a significant way that most techno-gadgets never will,” he said.


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