More Than 4,000 People Forced To Flee The Area After A Fire Broke Out In South Korea


Thousands of people are forced to flee the scenario and one causality reported after the great fire breakout in South Korea. A large number of fire-fighters and people are busy in evacuating the people contained near the emergency area.

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The cause of the fire is said to be a transformer spark that near a resort in the Gangwon province in South Korea. The fire was then spread to many other major areas and consumed 2 cities in its path.

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Namely Sokcho and Gangneung and caused widespread destruction spreading over a huge area of 525 Hectares and around almost 200 homes at early Friday morning, as confirmed by the government.

Almost more than 2500 people are evacuated to Gymnasiums and several other safe locations. More than 52 schools are closed following the great fire outrage.

Fire is under control now at Sokcho region and is only half extinguished at the Gangueng region, according to Government officials.

National Fire agency further informs that around 872 Fire extinguishing vehicles and 3250 Firefighters nationwide are involved in solving the fire issue. Defense Ministry notifies that around 16,500 military personnel and 32 choppers are busy in helping the tragedy-struck provinces.

26 Military firetrucks have also been deployed to control the raging fire and there are also activities being done to provide free of cost meals for around 7000 people.

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Videos that went viral over the social media show the rage of fire, sky-high flames illuminating the night sky and floating ashes in the air and depicts a miserable condition as people flee from the region.

The fire-struck region is near to North Korea and the South Korean agencies say that they will soon update North Korea about the fires that took place in the nearby region.

An anonymous Gangwon fire official spoke that around 11 people are being treated medically for the burns that were experienced during the outrage.


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