SpaceX aims to send a Starship to the moon within three years


SpaceX aims to reach the moon: When SpaceX released its perfect Starship rocket a month ago, CEO Elon Musk additionally reported an ambitious timeline of tests for the new vehicle. The rocket is intended to convey passengers and to carry large amounts of cargo, and also have both a reusable first stage and a reusable second stage.

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SpaceX new Starship to the moon under construction

Presently, more information regarding SpaceX’s arrangements for the Starship have been declared by the president and COO Gwynne Shotwell at the 2019 International Astronautical Congress.

SpaceX planning to launch starship to the moon within 2024.

As announced by TechCrunch, Shotwell uncovered details concerning the company’s points for testing the Starship rockets, as of now being worked at offices in Cocoa, Florida and Boca Chica, Texas.

“Optimistically, we need to get Starship to orbit within a year,” she said. “We need to arrive it on the Moon before 2022. We need to [… ] arrange freight there to ensure that there are resources for the people that eventually arrive on the Moon by 2024, if things go well, so that is the optimal time frame.”

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Planning to arrive a Starship on the moon by 2022 is incredibly goal-oriented, however, the rocket has just finished some starter tests, for example, hop tests in which it fires its hovers and engines above the ground for a couple of moments before landing once more.

SpaceX starship may beat NASA to the moon in 2024

At the Starship disclosing, Musk said he needed to start further testing inside a month or two, with the following undertaking being to launch the rocket to a height of around 65,000 feet (20 kilometers) and land it back on Earth.

When high altitude testing is finished, orbital testing could start inside one year. From that point forward, there is a test flight. Also, if those are effective, the company may even beat NASA to the moon for its arranged 2024 Artemis strategic.


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