An Electric Car Of Tesla Model S Catches Fire On Itself In Shangai


A U.S based electric vehicle supply company Tesla Inc. wants to check out the video of a car catching the fire of Tesla Model S that went viral on social media in China and became famous soon after being uploaded.

The video went viral on China’s Twitter and became famous in no time and was spread through WhatsApp and Twitter itself.

Tesla Model S explodes in Chinese car park

The viral video shows a Tesla Model S car getting caught itself in a fire all by itself. The video further defines the 3 cars present next to the burning car being burned down as a result of The Tesla car.

Reuters, the British News company was not able to verify the origins of the videos very swiftly, which Weibo users said were taken in Shanghai.

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The cause of the explosion could not be cleared from the videos and henceforth, Tesla is busy in identifying the causes.

“We immediately sent a team on site and we’re supporting local authorities to establish the facts. From what we know now, no one was harmed,” Tesla said in a statement on Monday.

It declined to comment further when contacted by Reuters.

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There have been at least 14 incidents of Tesla Model S catching fire since 2013, while the majority occurred as a result of a crash.

The automaker company Tesla Inc. has said its EVs are about 10 times less likely to experience a fire than petrol-powered cars, based on its convoy of over 500,000 vehicles which have driven more than 10 billion miles. However, the given data did not specify the fire rages occurring as a result of a crash or by themselves.

Reputation Of Tesla Regarding The Fire Incidents:

“Tesla had fire incidents before, but they didn’t have a big impact on its reputation in China,” said analyst Alan Kang at LMC Automotive.

“One lesson I learned from the Shanghai self-exploding Tesla: Don’t park your car next to a Tesla,” said one commentator.

The reputation of Tesla is being lessened in terms of car safety due to the occurring of incidents of fire catching in the past years…


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