Tesla Model Y: a rare glimpse at third-row seats


The latest Tesla Model Y will have a possibility for third-row seats, which is bizarre for a reduced SUV, and we haven’t had a decent look at the third seat, even though the vehicle was uncovered not long ago.

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Presently a Model Y model locating shows an uncommon look at the third-row seats.

Tesla Model Y third-row seats

At the point when Tesla propelled the Model Y, it got criticized for just being a marginally greater Model 3.

Be that as it may, that is the thing that numerous people need.

The Model Y is outfitted with a huge bring forth rather than a little trunk opening, which is the greatest objection about Model 3.

Concerning the size distinction, it is greater, however, we don’t have every one of the measurements presently.

In an ongoing Model Y locating at a Supercharger station, we saw a model alongside a Model 3 — giving us a decent size examination with Model 3 and demonstrating that it is just marginally greater.

It makes it amazing that Tesla is attempting to fit a third-row seat to situate seven people in the Model Y.

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We haven’t seen that third row since Tesla didn’t have it up in the model at the dispatch occasion prior this year.

Presently a Model Y locating from a month ago is reemerging via social media and demonstrating an uncommon look at the Model Y’s third-row seat:

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You can see the back of the third-row seat is up in this Model Y model in plain view.

It is demonstrating an absurdly small third row, however, the situation of the centerline probably won’t be ideal to oblige people in the third row.

There’s a chance that the position could be changed to spread the legroom around, however, right now it would appear that the third-row would just fit youngsters.

Similar to Tesla’s third-row confronting seats in the first Model S, which are making a rebound in the latest Model S Plaid.

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