Tesla Model Y prototype spotted with tow hitch


A Tesla Model Y model was spotted with a tow hitch, which is an undeniably mentioned feature that Tesla originally guaranteed in the Model 3, however, was just propelled in Europe.

Tesla Model Y with tow hitch

With Model X, Tesla conveyed the main traveler electric vehicle with a huge appraised towing limit: 5,000 lbs.

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Towing limit is more significant for an SUV than for a moderate size car like the Model 3, however, a little towing limit can, in any case, be helpful.

All the more critically, a tow hitch can likewise be used to introduce a bicycle or ski mount.

It has been requested feature by Model 3 reservation holders and purchasers.

We realized it was coming since Tesla was spotted trying the Model 3 towing limit throughout the most recent couple of years, and CEO Elon Musk said they would make it available years prior.

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Tesla ends up propelling the options, however just for the European market, not in the US or Canada.

Model Y reservation holders are trusting that Tesla will all the more extensively release the tow hitch alternative for the electric hybrid.

Presently a Tesla Model Y model has been spotted with a tow hitch

The Tesla Model Y is additionally furnished with the new Gemini wheels, which Tesla as of late propelled for Model 3 as a 19-inch Winter Tire/Wheel Package.

In March, Tesla uncovered the Model Y, an all-electric hybrid dependent on Model 3, with up to 300 miles of range.

The automaker said that it intends to acquire the vehicle to creation fall 2020.

As of late, a report originating from Tesla’s production network demonstrated that the automaker is quickening the timeline for Model Y parts orders.

Chief Elon Musk likewise as of late said that Tesla is presently hoping to arrive at volume creation of the Model Y in summer 2020.

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