The army stands behind me: Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD (Liberal Tribune) “The army stands behind me” Imran Khan on Wednesday communicated his purpose not to buckle under to pressure from his political enemy Maulana Fazlur Rehman who expects to mount the Azadi March on Islamabad this month.

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The army stands behind me:

Imran Khan said the Pakistan army stands behind me and it completely supports the administration’s agenda, Geo News detailed. He said civil-military relations depend on trust and both appreciate this trust in one another.

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The army stands behind me: Imran Khan

He said the nation will be brought out of trouble with joined effort. He said he will never leave the nation and he will bring the nation out of challenges.

The PM sees an intrigue behind the JUI-F boss’ protest which, he stated, is driven by a specific agenda. When questioned has he got any verification from outside agenda, he said there is no evidence, yet the regional situation and the timing of the march planning propose that there is an Indian hand behind this.

“There is no doubt of my resignation and I won’t leave. Dharna is plan-based, and it has outside help,” senior journalist Irshad Bhatti quoted the PM as saying.

Imran Khan was of the view that the JUI-F’s arrangement to protest has sent a wave of satisfaction in India.

“I don’t understand what Maulana’s concern is,” he was cited as saying in the gathering. “I don’t get the plan of the opposition.”

The PM recognized that unemployment and inflation stay a major issue which the govt is attempting to determine. At the point when his consideration was drawn towards the opposition’s position that the PTI had additionally organized a protest, Imran Khan said his dharna was arranged in nothing.

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He said he had confirmation of election rigging in four voting constituencies when he had arranged the protest at the D-Chowk.

Gotten some information about media restrictions on Maulana Fazlur Rehman, he said there was no restriction on press conferences and the JUI-F chief’s interviews.


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