The Dark Side Of The Apps, Children Fall A Prey To And End Up In Vain


As per the details provided by the Pew study Research center in 2015, claiming that 73% of teenage adults and even younger children have access to smartphones. They, However, do not use the mobiles entirely for gaming or fun, there can be a dark and unexplored side of the apps which appear as common utility tools that nobody wants to mess with.

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Online Security and Cyber-Hacker Lisa Good, confirms that the commonly looking and used apps can be used as the portal or the bridge to the dark web and may cause severe harm to your children online.

Apps depression and Anxiety

The dark web and several other online markets can use a children’s mind to harm the children itself and then lure more children, using the former one as the bait.

The dark web can be used to do loads of illegal and under-aged activities including the drug use and sale, online harassment smuggling, unethical hacking which toggle the children’s minds to become a more sinister self and end up killing him/herself.

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The really bad thing about these apps is that they are able to conceal themselves and do their part too.

“The scary thing about secret apps, and what parents don’t realize, is that they look a regular app,” Good said. “It could be a calculator, a music app, a chat app – the newest one as of Christmas was a navigation app – so these apps function as they are supposed to, but they also have a sinister dark side.”

Good says there are 3 signs for the kid using the fake apps:

The first thing would be if they are hiding their screen or shaking their phone when you come in the room. If they’re shaking their phone or flipping it over on the table,  she said.

This means they are using the emergency close feature on the secret app. The second sign would be refusing to hand over passwords or let you look through their phone. The third would be that they have two of the same types of the app – two calculators, two chat apps. That’s where they’re usually hidden.

But beware as well, many of these apps also have “decoy functions” where kids can give fake passwords to show they have nothing to hide when in reality, they have something to hide indeed.


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