Trump warns Iran nuclear threats will ‘come back to bite you’


Donald Trump warns Iran to be “watchful with warnings” as they can “come back to bite you” in answer to Tehran’s vow that it will go beyond within days its uranium enrichment level decided under the 2015 nuclear contract.

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President Hassan Rouhani repeated on Wednesday’s that his country would go above the enrichment level set out below the agreement in reply to failure by other countries to the deal to keep up their agreements and offer Iran relief from the US sanctions.

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“On July 7, our enhancement level will no longer be 3.67%. We will put away this promise. We will amplify (the enrichment level) further 3.67% to as much as we wish for, as much as is essential, as much as we need,” Rouhani told a cabinet gathering.

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The enhancement greatest set in the accord is enough for commercial power generation although far underneath the more than 90% level needed for a nuclear missile.

Trump reacted on Wednesday night in a tweet and Trump warns Iran “Be careful with the threats, Iran.

France alerted Tehran that it would “gain nothing” by sending off the deal and said “comforting the contract would only multiply worries already high” in the Middle East.

Iran claims that it is not spoiling the deal, citing conditions of the settlement allowing one side to briefly ditch some of the promises if it deems the other side is not regarding its part of the agreement.

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Rouhani worried that Iran’s action would be upturned if the other countries to the nuclear contract made good on their side of the understanding – relief from endorses.

“We will remain loyal to the (nuclear deal) as long as the other parties are devoted,” he said.


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