Where will the S-400s be deployed?


Liberal Tribune – The final chance for the United States and Turkey to avoid a disaster over Turkey’s buying of a Russian missile system was throughout a meeting between Donald Trump and Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the G20 summit in Japan. Now, that chance has passed away.

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The conference made it clear that anyways of what the American side says, Turkey will buy the Russian-made systems. The first delivery of the S-400 batteries will appear in Turkey by the finale of July.

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Turkey Russia United States deployment and command

Turkey is now arranging itself for the influence of likely US sanctions, security informants told Al-Monitor.

After President Erdogan’s statement, further validation came from presidential spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin on July 4: “S-400s will be transported very soon and will be aggressively used,” he said.

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Security bases supposed that the first arrival will contain nine transporter erector launchers (TELs), additional fire-control radar system, target acquisition and engagement (fire control) radar systems, a long-range surveillance radar and a command/control unit and.

This will be the first module of two battalions that will be brought to Turkey. A Russian mechanical team will collect the shipment in Ankara. The prearrangement deployment position of the batteries.

According to information escaped to Turkish media. A Turkish air force colonel has previously been chosen commander of the battery and is now on calling in Ankara. This placement further settles the rumors about the battery’s deployment location.

In Ankara, the battery will be organized at Akinci military base (newly named Murted) in the town of Kahramankazan in Ankara province. A piece of security information told Al-Monitor on the situation of secrecy.

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The base is appropriate for the arrival of Russian cargo planes that will make the transfers. Though, the informant also assumed that Ankara will not rush to install the S-400s and make them working.


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