What Were The Bidens Doing In Ukraine? 5 Questions Answered


Bidens doing in Ukraine; Question to be answered.

1. Is there any sign of wrongdoing by either Joe Biden or his son, Hunter Biden?

This is what Trump and his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, are suggesting. But they have not provided evidence of illegal actions. Multiple fact checks have called Trump’s accusations of corruption by the Bidens misleading.

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Bidens has boasted about his work in Ukraine as a spokesperson for the White House and the West generally. He called for the ouster of the top Ukrainian prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, for what was widely seen as his failure to investigate corruption.

In March 2016, Bidens made one of his many trips to Ukraine and told the country’s leaders that they had to get rid of the prosecutor if they wanted $1 billion in U.S. aid. Biden told the story last year at the Council on Foreign Relations:

“I said, ‘You’re not getting the [$1 billion]. I’m leaving in six hours.’ Well, son of a b****. He got fired,” Biden said.

2. How do Trump and his supporters see Joe Biden’s work?

They argue that Joe Biden wanted the prosecutor ousted to protect his son from being investigated. But there has been no evidence of wrongdoing, and Joe Biden was tasked as vice president with helping to weed out corruption in Ukraine.

The key figure in pushing the corruption narrative appears to be Giuliani. He has been in contact with Ukraine multiple times and urged officials there to look into the Bidens. The story has been percolating for the past few months. Giuliani has repeatedly tweeted about it and discussed it on TV.

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Meanwhile, Hunter Biden stepped down from his post at the gas company this past spring as his term expired, saying he turned down an offer to have it extended. He recognized that it was going to be an issue in the 2020 campaign.

“My qualifications and work are being attacked by Rudy Giuliani and his minions for transparently political purposes,” Hunter Biden said in a statement at the time.

What’s next?

Democrats are demanding to see a transcript of Trump’s July 25 conversation with Ukraine’s president, which the White House has declined to release.

The inspector general of the intelligence community, Michael Atkinson, reported the whistleblower complaint about the call to the House Intelligence Committee in a Sept. 9 letter.

But when Atkinson was called before a closed-door committee hearing last Thursday, he reportedly told members that he was being blocked from releasing the details of the complaint by Joseph Maguire, the acting director of national intelligence. Maguire has been called for the same committee this Thursday in a public hearing.

Meanwhile, congressional Democrats are talking about a new investigation of the president and whether they should pursue impeachment, a move that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has so far opposed.

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