Women Are Higher In Number As Compared To Men In Every Corner Of Globe: WHO Report


The World Health Organization organize a statistical report showing that Women Are Higher in number as compared to men in almost every country of the World, this data seems more accurate in rich countries.

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The organization in 2009 reported this statistical analysis claiming that statement during the study of mortality-cause in different countries of the World. and it was for the first time, the WHO studied different sexes separately.

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“The deep study comprising of various factors including gender, financial income and age are crucial for a precise statistical analysis which was not being studied before.” WHO head i.e. Dr. Tedros.

Upon the major 40 causes which contribute to the death of a person, 33 causes directly affect men and hamper their chances of a long healthy life, these causes include certain environmental.

Social and biological factors, lesser availability of medical facilities also cut down a male’s life expectancy. The report says that the change of attitude towards medical treatment and care contribute to the difference in life expectancies of male and female.

Since females are more conscious of their health as compared to men. “If the same ailment if faced by men and women, men seem reluctant to care about their personal
health and devise a proper treatment meanwhile, females are more concerned.

Instances included AIDS, Retrovirus attacks and TB where men are less likely to undergo medical treatment and receive less care as compared to women facing the same scourges.

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The main objective of this report was to show the importance of healthcare and how it should be taken across the World for a better, healthy life.

“The main goal of WHO is to make sure that everyone regardless of their creed, race, color or gender receives proper medical care and the goal of the organization is to start access to free medical services and privileges to people, particularly at the community level.

However, the report concluded that the average life expectancy of a person is increased by 5 or 5.5 years across the Globe.


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